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Laser Light Source Projector

High-brightness beam of the next generation of cathode research and development. The two key factors of high brightness beam are the longitudinal and lateral energies at launch, which can be reduced by more than 10 times in a variety of ways, including material engineering, cooling of the cathode substrate and green laser pointerwavelength tuning. Testing the advanced photocathode in a real gun environment is critical to the direct improvement of this study into the quality of the electron beam. In addition, the exploration using nanometer and micrometer photoelectric emitters can greatly improve beam coherence. The deft calculation of the cathode design allows the realization of custom optocouplers, resulting in new applications for high beam current.

Advanced accelerator and beam control concept of research and development. It is advisable to develop electron guns based on the concept of advanced accelerators (such as laser or beam plasma field or terahertz wave), as they may achieve Jimmy / The application of the advanced phase space beam control scheme can reduce the technical risk and cost of XFEL by an order of magnitude. In addition to the above-mentioned priority research directions, beam current diagnostics, beam dynamics and red laser pointer technology should be studied. Advances in electron sources and related technologies will enable new instruments and equipment to be realized, enabling the study of substances on the basis of time and space scales, once again triggering a revolution in X-ray and electron scatter science.

blue laser pointer

In addition, the report also mentioned that the rear laser transmitter can also help to achieve faster and more accurate auto focus function, a similar system can generally be seen in digital SLR cameras, but in such as smart phones such as small size equipment Did not appear. Apple intends to embed a 3D scanning system into the iPhone's front FaceTime camera. The system also integrates VSCEL infrared modules, professional receivers and traditional color RGB camera modules. From today's report, Apple wants to do the same thing for the iSight camera.

From a theoretical point of view, the use of blue laser pointer light source projector can be far greater than the traditional light source color space, the color performance is higher than the traditional light source of the projector. At the same time, the traditional projector in the use of the process will produce brightness attenuation, color saturation, contrast reduction and so on, so that the output image quality compared with the new projector greatly reduced. The use of laser light source of the projector due to the low attenuation characteristics of the light source makes its output quality long-term high brightness, color saturation and contrast, the screen color is always bright as new.

The laser welding technique is a plastic that melts the joint area with a cluster of strong radiation waves that are normally present in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The type of laser used and the absorption characteristics of the plastic determine the degree of welding. Laser welding also greatly reduces the vibration and thermal stress of the product. The vibration stress and thermal stress generated by the use of other connections means that the aging rate of the internal components of the article or device is slower. This provides an opportunity for high power laser welding to be applied to fragile articles such as electronic sensors.





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